Monday, August 6, 2007

day out shopping

i planned to wake up at 9am, but still unable to even as i programmed my aircon to turn off at 8.30am! In the end i snoozed till 12pm =x

today was a day i hopped around in many buses and trains (watch in horror as i recap with bus registration plates intact):

- Sv 903, TIB 1140E to Interchange
- Sv 960, TIB 1063U to Bugis
- Sv 33, SBS 0035B to Clarke Quay (transfer)
- NEL to Chinatown (transfer)
- NEL to Dohby Ghaut (transfer)
- Sv 106, TIB 1087B to Suntec
- Sv 36, SBS 2727A to Airport
- Sv 858, TIB 585L to Woodlands
- Private car back home (phew)

i'm not mad, but i'm a mild bus enthusiast who remembers more details. I can tell at most, the bus plate number by its advertisement or engine noise (limited to Woodlands services), that's all!

anyway, my first stop was at Chinatown, to buy some toiletries. It's indeed cheaper than buying from Watsons. Just accumulate or buy a significant number of items to feel the difference.

The hawker centre beside OG, 3rd floor - Ocean and LeyWah are very competitive

The savings are substantial, you know

had my early dinner at the hawker itself, Koo Kee yong tau foo. I wanted to patronise the more famed stall (run by 3 brothers), but the sales were so good that they declared sold-out by 5pm.

then went to Suntec's eLife Mall to buy my mouse. I couldn't get $147.90, only $155 (!). Managed to negotiate for $150, but only by cash. Since i spent much effort looking (and walking), i settled for $155 via credit.

it was my 1st time using the Citi card, which i've been putting off as i'm not mentally prepared. Yes, not mentally prepared. I intend to set aside cash for the card charges... not playing with fire since debts can be pretty serious in terms of credit rating and damage to my own life imo.

next zoomed off to airport and did 2hrs of coding there. My Customer Portfolio is up soon; the Add and Update features is completed. Now left the Delete and Webmaster login features. Good training for my CS3214, although it was plain old JSP with MVC design, since it was developed in 2003. Will be releasing for preview soon, if anyone is interested.

just had kopi with Wenqun, GY and Eze. Had quite a fierce discussion on NTUC's Jackpots in AMK Hub, and heard abit on Estate duties. I still feel NTUC has a social responsibility to fulfill, and it is not doing that when it opened that Jackpot room in the heartlands. Especially when NTUC is very much linked to our ruling party in Singapore.

by and large it was quite a fruitful session, although i was feeling bored during the televised football match. No love for football.

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