Monday, July 30, 2007

sick II, auctioning for modules

have been sick since Friday night, and today has been the worst. Luckily Choo was available to do my afternoon helpdesk duty, otherwise i'm dead meat for sure.

the crazy bidding for modules have started - round 1A from 9am just now till 5pm tomorrow. After a round of discussions on the table, decided on this basket of modules:

- CS2250 (Core - Fundamentals of IS)
Bidders:45/180, Bid:1, Lowest:1, Highest:1234 <----- SIAO!

- CS3214 (Core - IS Development Project)
Bidders:81/140, Bid:1, Lowest:1, Highest:1909
<----- SIAO SIAO!

- MA1505 (Breadth - Mathematics I)
Bidders: ? Advance Bid:1

- GEK1531 (GEM - Introduction to Cybercrime)
Bidders: ? Advance Bid:1

as usual we have some trigger happy fellow mates who decided to wack their fortunes on modules they diedie must take. RAH!

i couldn't clear MA1505 last semester. Something must happen this semester. Either through acts of God or acts of myself to pass this.

NUS CORS - Auctioneering comes to a world class institution near you.


Little Miss Sunshine said...

May god bless u. Haha

zhiming said...

I need lots of luck this sem.

Get the freaking MA cleared and i can take my ST, then wrap up. Argh